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Our Selling Process

Each of these markers represents a buyer who is actively looking to buy your home.

Coming Soon

Coming soon status on the MLS is an important part of our sales process. It places the home on the market and informs interested buyers that showings will begin soon. We consider this an integral part of our process as it allows those who need to make travel arrangements the time to do so. During this step the seller time to make any necessary repairs and ready the home for showings, while we help guide you through that process and take photographs, and order materials. By using the coming soon status it ensures that every interested buyer has time to view the property before offers are accepted, thereby preventing a buyer who would be willing to pay more for your property from missing out on a property that accepts an offer in the first two days. Coming soon status as a rule cannot be used for more than 21-days. Our use depends on the both the seller’s timeline, repairs, and averages on 14-days in this status. 


Targeted Marketing

During the home’s time in coming soon, we leverage the advertising power of Coldwell Banker and send alerts to buyers who are actively searching for homes in your area. In addition to the different online marketing we do, we also send announcements to the biggest advocates for your home, your neighbors! They are your neighbors, they love the area, and might have friends or family that would be interested in buying your home. These are a key part of our marketing process, because the more interest we can build for your property, the larger your buyer pool becomes, which in turn can mean more offers, selling your home for more, and with less contingencies. . 


Open House

Hosting an open house is another key aspect of getting sellers top dollar. It not only increases the visibility, but it can also shorten the time your home is on the market. Open houses provide a no pressure opportunity for buyers to come take a look at the home, a chance to provide them with important details about the home and even lets them bump into some of their competition. Agent scheduled showings can prevent buyers from getting a full picture of the demand for a home and can potentially lead to weaker offers. Many interested buyers will come back the second day of an open house, often to take additional measurements or ask further questions that can help them in deciding to make an offer. By hosting an open house, we can show off the advantages of your home over your neighbors’ homes and other listings on the market.

With our professionally printed marketing products and attention to detail, we make sure your home is shown in the best light possible. Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we make sure they can take the photos with them, on quality brochures, that showcase the best features of your home.



Did you know that negotiations start before the first offer is even written? We work with the buyers’ agent from the start, to make sure they are submitting a competitive offer that meets our seller’s needs. By informing agents of the what the seller is looking for, as well as what other offers are providing, we often can reduce contingencies prior to an offer being submitted. This can reduce the need for counter offers, bring you a higher sales price, and remove unnecessary paperwork. This is a vital piece of the negotiation process that provides you a smooth closing and prevents the property from having to go back on the market. 



Once an offer is accepted, the disclosures begin and you need an agent who can keep the sale on track. We have a dedicated team to review the transactions timeline and confirm all disclosures are sent and received within the agreed upon timeline. This team allows us to focus on keeping you updated and working with the other agent. We know items will come up, but we lay the groundwork to provide you the proper protections to keep the property from having to go back on the market and are ready to work through any situation that arises. 

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Let's Work Together

Every home and situation is different, so we customize our process to meet each sellers needs and goals. What remains true each & every time, is that we will put in the time, effort, and resources to best represent your property and bring you the best results. 

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